Be Divergent!: A Creative Thinking Laboratory for Professional Development

Creativity involves the generation of new things or ideas or the transformation of those previously existing and is an essential element of innovation process. However, creativity does not just happen on its own. Creative thinking not only enhances our ability to adapt to our environment and circumstances but also allows us to transform those environments and circumstances and it has been identified as a key component for survival and resilience. An important element of creative thinking is ‘Divergent thinking'. It is a style, process or method of thinking that generates a number of different possible answers or solutions, and is necessary during all the stages of the creative process.  

Be Divergent: A Creative Thinking Laboratory for Professional Development is a development-oriented programme (capacity and ability) to nurture and foster the creative thinking skill among the professional group. This interactive lab is an initiative to produce human capital and talent that can think out of the box in the 21st century of the higher education ecosystem. The programme focuses on how participants will apply their creative thinking skills in the workplace, and develop their personal action plan and also consider how to continue developing their skills in the future. This lab will introduce participants to the element of creative thinking by developing rational and logical thinking tools and techniques for problem solving, decision making, risk management and harnessing opportunities. The mechanisms that will be implemented in the programme are two-way interactions, hands-on, hearts-on and minds-on. Outcomes or the changes that are expected as a result of the participation in the programme – The participants can diversify approaches to solve problems and conflicts in the workplace, not to be trapped by conventional methods, capable of modifying the concept in an innovative way, bold spirit to challenge the common practices. Other than that, the programme is hoped to stimulate new ways of thinking among professionals within their working ecosystem so as to create a constant stream of fresh and original ideas.



i. To enhance problem-solving skills which are systematic and effective in the organisation. 

ii. To improve mind-productive and creativity in the working ecosystem.

iii. To strengthen the competitiveness of individuals and organisations in the era of globalisation.


Date                            : 26 October 2017

Location                     : Penang

Participant                  : Professionals from the public and private sectors

Fees                           : Normal Rate RM150.00

                                   : Student Rate RM100.00




Associate Professor Dr. Munir Shuib

dr munir

Associate Professor Dr. Munir Shuib is the Deputy Director and an Associate Research Fellow at the National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), Universiti Sains Malaysia. His areas of interest include graduates’ skills and competencies, curriculum development and university-community engagement. He has been involved in various research and consultancies in these three areas and has published numerous papers in national and international journals. He has collaborated with many international organisations including APHERP, Aceh Institute and LH Martin Institute in terms of giving talks, co-organising higher education related events and publications. He received his MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom and Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


‘Aainaa Zulkiflie


'Aainaa Zulkiflie graduated her BA in Communication (Persuasive) in year 2008 and completed her MA in Communication in year 2010. She started her career in Research and Development for education sector in several years and has been working with diverse projects. She is passionate in construction management career and has been attached to numerous multi-national companies as product specialist and project manager. In 2016, she challenged herself and joined the Reality TV Show, called Clever Girl Malaysia as Penang representative and became Top 6 finalist. She is currently working as PR & Communication for Malaysia's top property developer, S P Setia Berhad and at the same time pursuing her PHD in Construction Communication.



10.10 am

Be Divergent!: A Creative Thinking

Laboratory for Professional Development

1.10 pm Lunch 
2:30 pm

Forum : Unleashing Creativity for a Sustainable World


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sohaimi bin Abdul Aziz

(Professor, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia)


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Zainul Fithri Othman

(Executive Director of Strategic Resource and Public Relations Division, Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad)


Prof. Dr. Glenda Marian Crosling

(Head, Centre for Higher Education Research,

Sunway University, Malaysia)

4.00 pm  Closing Ceremony
4.15 pm  Tea Break, and End of Programme


* Private sector - HRDF (C
laimable): HRDF (HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT FUND) is a scheme to help companies to provide specific training for their staff. The main scheme under Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is “Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL).  For more Information about Human Resource Development Fund, please read General Guidelines of HRDF at




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